This Paleo Map and Dining Guide has been created for locals and tourists alike who follow the Paleo Diet and want to find a restaurant, cafť, bar, shop, or other kind of venue that makes eating out and following the Paleolithic lifestyle easy and full of variety.

We are adding new countries, locations, and venues (that are either purely Paleo, offer a Paleo menu or are Paleo-inspired) on a daily basis. If you know a great Paleo place that is not on our map yet, please drop us a line. If you are the owner or manager of a venue we have listed and would like to work together with us to enhance your profile on our map, e.g., with images, customer testominials, or any other information, special news or announcements, then please drop us a line, too.

Paleo is powerful. By showing us how to start†eating real, whole unprocessed foods again that were around prior to agriculture and modern processed food – which we are not yet completely adapted to – our eyes are opened to a more healthful than harmful way to treat our bodies.

We hope our guide helps keep all you health-conscious foodies and food explorers on the Paleo Roadmap!